Wednesday, April 13, 2011

"Atomic" stereo in the Emerson House

 I found this stereo on eBay. I'll note the brand name shortly.

Amazing... actual plastic "atomic" dollhouse furniture! (It almost makes it cooler that it's plastic.)

Paul MacAlister miniatures: living room pieces

Here are first shots of the Paul MacAlister living room pieces in the Emerson House. Still to come: rugs, pillows, and... well, just stuff.

Monday, April 11, 2011

Paul MacAlister miniatures

The bookshelf and bench in the Emerson house, placed in front of the removable staircase.

The Paul MacAlister bookshelf. It's quite narrow, and the surface is buffed and quite slick; almost a plastic feel. The workmanship is beautiful and it has a wonderful simplicity to it.

One of the endtables near the entrance, with the mushroom lamp (also Paul MacAlister.) The Emerson house is 1:16 scale, so it's been challenging to place some of these 1:12 items. They do make the house seem a bit small. But who cares? The miniatures are more important than the house.

No rugs yet... and not many accessories.